The magic of the corset

Today, I would say that the corset is the single most interesting piece of female garment to me. Unlike my lycra fetish, I can't actually track back when I first saw one, or when I first felt my attraction (and reaction) to them.

What is noticable with my fascination for corsets, is the flexibility / variety of different connotations that a corset can have to me, depending on the circumstances and situation.

First of all, when e.g. worn as part of a historical costume, ball gown or similar, a corset can be extremely female, classic/classy, and most of all be an indication of style and elegance. In such a context, there is nothing sexual and/or perverted in my appreciation and admiration of the bearer of the corset.

Secondly, a corset can be incredibly sexy, both as outerwear and as underwear. Both as part of any kind of goth / fetish fashion outfit, or as part of something more mainstream compatible.

Third, a corset can be interesting just because of the constricting effect it has on its bearer. There's almost nothing more fascinating than watching the quick and limited breathing of the chest of a tightly laced lady. Seeing her happily and willingly suffer for her vanity. Feeling that she voluntarily gives up the flexibility of her body, the ability to do anything physically exercising, not being able to eat any full meal, etc. - just for wearing the corset, improving the shape of her body / looks, and for the effect it has on the eye of the beholder.

Fourth, a corset can be used as an instrument for discipline and training in a D/s kind of setup. The dominant partner can for example demand wearing of the corset from the submissive part to explicitly provoke any of the abovementioned effects (1-3). Also, the restrictive (and depending on the tightness increasingly uncomfortable) character of the corset can be used as punishment for any infamous actions by the to-be-trained submissive. Another possibility is engaging in corset [tight-lacing] training as a means to keep the submissive constricted, or even to permanently alter the body shape. For those still interested in more, there are special posture corsets that e.g. pull the shoulders back and enforce a certain desired posture onto the bearer.

And where do I personmally fit into the picture? Well, I can really appreciate corsets in any form, from the occasional elegant outfit down to tight-lacing as part of a D/s setup.

All this fascination, lust and pleasure from a single piece of garment. Isn't that fascinating in itself?