Two years later: High heels revisited

About two years ago I first wrote about high heels in this blog. As always, my taste and fetishes have developed further since, mostly due to more exposure to different types of high heels (and their advantages and disadvantages).

So unlike that original posting, I have started to appreciate stiletto heels, particularly plateau stiletto - combining the best of both worlds: The sturdiness and slutty look of plateau shoes, plus the added difficulty and sophistication of a stiletto heel.

I've also started to like open toe designs, at least if the shape of the foot is suitable for this type of design, and if the foot is not naked but clad in real nylons, or stay-ups or pantyhose of some sort. Visibility of naked feet is to be avoided at any given time, since it represents something bare and unsophisticated....

What I still don't like at all are shoes with a too pointy tip (toe section). The rounder the shape, the more attractive the shoe gets. I wonder if that will change during the next two years ;)