Perverted terminology - on the use of language

As D/s is something that happens a lot in the mind, rather than the body, language and more specifically the use of language plays an important role in it. Our thoughts are always connected to language, after all.

One of the reasons why I actually like to call myself a pervert is the actual perverted (in the meaning of twisted, distorted, skewed) terminology.

So if society has a certain norm on what constitutes a good girl, then I have a definition of it that is very twisted, and probably closer to the opposite of the mainstream definition. Typically, society would consider the following attributes in line with their definition of a good girl: decent, chaste, monogamous, heterosexual.

My definition of a good girl is in line with my perverted values and norms, like sexually open-minded in any possible way, bisexual, a desire to show herself off, strong sex drive, vain.

So just like in this case, many terms have a totally different definition to me than to other people. Somebody who becomes part of my world will inevitably also learn about this perverted terminology. Thus, a woman entering my world can still strive to be a good girl, just with a very different definition of what constitutes 'good'.