First-time sex with asian girl

I've never considered myself as somebody having much of an "Asian fetish". Yes, sure, there are many beautiful (and to me sexually attractive) asian women - but that's more or less the same for all ethnicities.

There is one thing about women in South-Eastern Asian mega-cities such as Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai or Hong Kong: They genearlly do care a lot about style and fashion - much more than many of their western counterparts. Now one may argue what that tells us about social pressure in the respective countries. But given my pre-disposition, I cannot help myself but enjoy the benfit of it. I happen to enjoy women who are more or less obsessed with their outfit :)

Also, in many of those places temperatures tend to be quite high during large parts of the year, facilitating the use of more revealing attire than used in other, colder parts of the world.

Then there is the issue of the truly asian influences in fashion, primarily the much more extensive use of all kinds of stockings like overknees. Being a fetishist means that I will obviously enjoy that :)

Anyway, about a week ago it happened: My 'first time with an asian women'. I wouldn't have assumed that it's that much a big deal to blog about... but it is :) It's probably not as much the fact that she's of asian ethnicity, but much more the fact that she's of a very petite and slim body type. And that simply feels great.

So it's much easier to grab her, to excert some kind of physical control or restriction. For a dominant male, that's a _really_ nice feeling...