Discovering FetLife

Yesterday, by reference of a friend, I first encountered the FetLife BDSM/Fetish online community.

I'm really happy to see something like that. A community full of real people. No commercial interest whatsoever. Done by the kinky community for the kinky community. Definitely very refreshing, compared to all the commercial crap like and it's various incarnations and imitators.

This community site feels like it could become something like a new online home for me. I'm extremely excited about making many new interesting contacts.

Let's just hope the people behind that site will not be tempted to do a commercial sell-out. Sure, asking users to contribute back for operations and development of the site is fine. But please stay true to the "by the community, for the community" spirit.

I'm mentioning this here in a new "community" category of my blog, where I will probably deviate a bit from the self-centric view of the other sections, and introduce you to interesting places that I find on the net. Chances are high that if you like this blog, you will also like some of the places that I'll link to...