Got hold of some GLITZY-509 despite their end-of-production

As sad as it is, Pleaser has put an end to the GLITZY line of shoes some time ago. Recently I was interested in ordering some GLITZY-509 for my new partner, and it seems they're all out of stock and no longer produced.

The point about GLITZY is that they are relatively comfortable to wear (no pressure on the toes, ...) but still are quite high and wearable. Like an ideal compromise, to be worn fur more extended periods of time than other much more uncomfortable shoes.

Now, due to a friendly hint, it was pointed out to me that there is one German webshop that still had GLITZY-509 in her size in stock. I immediately ordered them yesterday and they arrived today. Thanks :)

Where to get decent Lycra wear in Germany

I've been asked a couple of times where I typically buy my Lycra fetish gear. There's three different sources:

1. Danceries
Danceries is a brand of ballet/dancing Lycra fashion, it can be found at numerous actual real-world as well as online shops. So you get the typical leotards, leggings or even single-piece suits. Everything has round-neck, and they don't really sell anything with a back zipper. No made-to-measure or other customizations like attached feet, gloves or zipper through crotch. But definitely "professional quality", i.e. seams so elastic that they never rip, fabric that can sustain a constant cycle of wearing, machine washing and drying for years.

2. AM-Sports
AM-Sports is another supplier for literally hundreds of different items of skintight sportswear. They have any style/pattern you can imagine, accommodate special requests such as attached feet or crotch zippers and have the biggest choice of uni-color Lycra material. Alternatively they also have a selection of shiny effect Lycra, microfiber, velvet, PVC and (god beware) cotton materials in various colors. They don't do made-to-measure, but they offer both regular as well as slim/tall sizes. What I find very special about them are the so-called "vaulting fashion" styles, i.e. single-piece suits to be worn for vaulting. Obviously they're great even without any horses involved :)

3. Fets-Fash/Skintightshop
Fets-Fash is a shop dedicated to the fetish community. Definitely no relation to sportswear here. Unfortunately this also means that their prices can be quite steep. Their specialty is customization with zippers, attached hood, feet, gloves, etc. They have some quite unique animal print and shiny effect Lycra materials. Made-to-measure service is excellent, but comes at a very big surcharge on the base price.

Pleaser Helloween 2009 collection

When receiving my latest pleaser order, they included the new catalogue for the upcoming helloween 2009 product line. You can also check it out online at this link. They really have some amazing new products.

I personally am pretty excited about ARENA-2018, ARENA-2012, PATTY-02G, EXOTICA-1050, GANGSTER-15, EXOTICA-2030, EXOTICA-60.

All those new models are an acceptable apology for discontinuing really great older models such as the GLITZY-line (GLITZY-509 was my favorite).

So now the only problem is that the new styles are not yet available. I can't wait until they're available to place my order :)

TO.mTO corsets in Berlin

It just occurred to me that I never actually blogged about my favorite corset maker here: TO.mTO in Berlin, Germany.

As a corset addict for quite some time, I've been doing "test purchases" at all kinds of corset makers over more than the last decade. Some of them very really crappy quality (like Erotex), some of them more decent (like Revanche de La Femme). Some others offer great designs but are only made for occasional wear.

The highest level of overall quality and craftsmanship I have so far found at TO.mTO. They make corsets from made-in-Germany durable fabrics, have a really high production quality and produce corsets that can be worn day-by-day for years without the slightest amount of danger. They're also constantly improving and trying new solutions. They have a lace flap / modesty flap that actually _works_, even if you lace yourself and don't have somebody at hand to pull/fiddle it into the correct place.

For the tight-lacing or restriction inclined folks, they also offer extras like a solid aluminum underbusk that makes the corset so robust that you'll never bend the front busk ever again :)

And obviously, all the corsets are made-to-measure. No matter what kind of unusual form your rib cage has, or if you have a strange shape due to a previously broken rib: They will accommodate all that with no effort.

I have no relationship to TO.mTO and they are not sponsoring this post. I'm merely a corset enthusiast who has been most happy with their products, and has seen many happy women (and men), who would never want to go back to their pre-TO.mTO days after wearing their first TO.mTO corset.

Real superheroine / fantasy Lycra fashion at tightshop.net

Due to occasional browsing yesterday, I ended up at tightshop.net: One of the few mail order stores for Lycra fetish gear in Germany. I didn't really run into this one before, but it has some quite exceptional items - not just the unicolor or uni-pattern full body suits, or the dancing or cheerleader outfits that are commonplace at other shops.

They actually seem to like the superheroine type of outfits. Not that this is my ultimate personal fetish, but it is very refreshing to see something different and new, made out of my favorite fetish material. The prices are also not as steep as at other shops, and made to measure is 15 EUR extra instead of a 30% surcharge like at other shops.

I am not in the mood to order something right now, but I'm definitely very inclined to order one piece and check out their quality. Be assured that I'll report back to this blog as soon as that happens.


As with many different things related to my sexuality and the fetish aspects of it, initially I was really against piercings of any kind. It took a couple of years of exposure to the concept of a piercing until I finally found a way how to sexualize it, and find it attractive.

The most consistent (with other parts of this blog and thus my sexuality) reason to like piercings is that it embraces the concept of "suffering for beauty".

Even more so, if a woman gets a piercing because of me, because I want her to have it, then this concept arouses me. She is willing to suffer, even hurt her body to be more like I want her to be. This in turn makes me feel great - because she actually is willing to do this for me, as sign of her devotion, submission and/or love. And in the process of doing so, she will actually start to like the piercing, because I appreciate it so much and love her for what she is doing for me.

The most interesting piercing to me is the tongue piercing. This has multiple aspects. Primarily, it just simply feels so good during tongue kissing or when she performs a blow job. And then secondarily, the pure sight of the piercing in the tongue is an association with her being slutty, modifying her body to please her partner[s] better. Last, but not least, it provides ample opportunity for her to play with it inside her mouth, receiving oral stimulus in return.

Nipple piercings definitely are very erotic, too. They are very decorative, and they also show that the breast is transformed from an organ meant to nurture babies into something else: A body part with primarily decorative and erotic function. So it sort-of symbolizes the very much appreciated transformation from the fertile woman meant to bear children to the female sex toy that I really want. In my world, the only purpose of sexuality is to provide pleasure. Procreation is a problem that needs to be circumvented.

Two years later: High heels revisited

About two years ago I first wrote about high heels in this blog. As always, my taste and fetishes have developed further since, mostly due to more exposure to different types of high heels (and their advantages and disadvantages).

So unlike that original posting, I have started to appreciate stiletto heels, particularly plateau stiletto - combining the best of both worlds: The sturdiness and slutty look of plateau shoes, plus the added difficulty and sophistication of a stiletto heel.

I've also started to like open toe designs, at least if the shape of the foot is suitable for this type of design, and if the foot is not naked but clad in real nylons, or stay-ups or pantyhose of some sort. Visibility of naked feet is to be avoided at any given time, since it represents something bare and unsophisticated....

What I still don't like at all are shoes with a too pointy tip (toe section). The rounder the shape, the more attractive the shoe gets. I wonder if that will change during the next two years ;)

Breast enhancement, or rather: plastic surgery in general

Until recent years, I've always been a strong opponent of plastic surgery, particularly breast enhancement. People should just appreciate the nature of their body, and use conventional methods such as sports to keep them in shape. That kind of position/attitude is probably owed to my left-wing political background.

However, things have started to change. Like in many other cases, there is sort-of an ambivalence inside myself. The one side wants to see the person in question as a human being, from a humanist / human rights / all-people-are-equal point of view. This side wants to warn about risks of cosmetic surgery, about potential complications, the follow-up procedures for replacement implants every couple of years, etc.

On the other hand there is my pervert side. This side thinks: Well, how much more extreme can you go with the concept of "suffering for beauty"? There you have a woman who is willing to have quite extensive surgery, probably every couple of years just in order to look better. Actually even more specifically: To look more sexy. To look more attractive for you.

Looking at it from this side is actually a quite big turn-on. I would still never require anyone to do something like this for me. I'm too responsible for doing things like this. It's a decision with a lot of consequences... but if a woman was willing to do it in order to look more sexy [at least partially] for me, then I could call myself a lucky bastard!

It is also one step further in the direction of fetishizing the actual body. Not only wearing fetish gear like high heels, corsets, latex clothes, etc. to change the body appearance from the outside, but actually changing the very shape of the body itself from the inside.

Also, I perversely like the psychological point of the woman in question objectifying her own body, perceiving it as a surface that she can shape by whatever means available. To learn and experience that her body can become supernatural, more than 'just' nature, ...

Latex fetishism

I thin I mentioned already that everything started with my Lycra fetish. According to my memories, Latex was the chronologically next "extraordinarily interesting" and arousing material.

One thing I might want to add initially: As with all of my fetishes, I never find the mere object (latex, high heel, corset, ...) interesting in itself. It only becomes interesting/arousing when worn by a woman, or in some cases when i wear it myself.

This is actually drawing some kind of line. There are people like me, who enjoy fetish fashion as an extension to the natural beauty of a human body. And then there is a different group, where the mere inanimate fetish object is the source of arousal. While I respect everyone's sexuality, the latter group seems a bit strange to me, personally.

Anyway, let's get back to Latex. I don't really remember my first encounter with a photograph of a latex-clad beauty. It must have been one of those many digital pictures that I had access to in the various BBS networks in the early nineties.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the shiny slick look of Latex with it's skin-tight fit very arousing. Not too hard to understand, considering that I already enjoyed skin-tight Lycra before :)

So I got myself a number of catalogues for further enjoyment. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I dared to tell anyone about this, and not until two years later until I actually had my first real-life encounter with a female partner who would wear some latex for me.

So what exactly do I like? First of all, (long!) gloves, thigh-high stockings, garters, leotards, long tight dresses and last but not least catsuits. I both enjoy "traditional" black, plain latex wear, as well as latex fashion, where the focus is more on the actual fashion aspect then on the fetish aspect.

I always thought the look[s] of a latex-clad female body is arousing, until I learned how it actually _feels_ to touch the slick, tight-fitting seamless shiny material the first time. Now I think the feel is at least as important than the looks.

Apart from the look and feel, there also is once again, like with corsets and high heels, the element of restriction. Latex is tight-fitting, elastic but strong. It puts constant pressure on the body. If you pull it some way, it will pull back :). If you still don't understand what I mean: Think of a tight-fitting long latex skirt, and how it constricts. Think of latex stockings, and the way they will carve into the hollow of your knees while bending them for some more amount of time. Think of the level of numbness that latex gloves cause to the fingers, and the stickiness of the material. Once again a perfect combination of "the beauty of suffering" :) As you might have discovered, one of my favourite subjects.

Unfortunately many women find latex "too extreme". From my experience it's definitely easier to find women interested in high heels, corsets. No wonder, given that the general attribution of these is "female" even in most parts of the mainstream society. Latex has much more association with "perversity" in it's negative perception. How sad.

High Heels - and my ambivalence to them

I still remember the days, especially during my childhood and maybe even up to the age of 19/20, when I still considered high heels as most disgusting items of footwear.

The careful reader of this blog will have noticed the overlap in time frames. Yes, I already had my lycra and latex fetish, and I was used to various fetish stories and photographs. Still I didn't like high heels.

But over time, my taste has evolved. I still consider a number of high heeled shoes repulsive, but on the other hand there is a whole set of designs that I *love*.

For those interested where I draw the line: Foremost, I like anything that has a platform. Independent whether it's pumps, boots, or whatever. Platform is always good. Second, I almost never like shoes where the toes are still visible. Third, knee-high boots are preferred over shoee with lower bootleg, or even over thigh-high boots. When it comes to the actual shape of the heel, I prefer heels with a larger diameter, not the stiletto type. Why is all that? I can't tell you, but it really is like that :) All the details matter somehow.

So what is the magic of the high heel? And what does it mean to a dominant/sadistic male? Aren't high heels usually associated with the dominant female? The heels that are to be licked by the submissive slave? The footwear that makes the woman taller than the man, expressing physical superiority? To a number of people this is obviously true.

To me, high heels fit into the picture of a submissive woman. How? To a certain part because of their restrictive nature, much like a corset. The high-heeled woman is restricted in the speed of walking, in the height of stairs she can walk, in the duration she can stay on her feet in general, etc. So once again it's self-restriction (or restriction by her master) for the mere purpose of looking sexier / more attractive. I like this kind masochistic vanity :)

To another part, I like high heels because they are often (at least for me) associated with the slut/whore, the sexually available woman. As I like my submissive partner to be sexually available, and as I like her to show this availability [at least to me], I thus like her in high heels.

Also, once again very similar to what I like about corsets, is the trainig aspect. The submissive partner can be trained to get used to high heels, to endure them for longer and longer periods of time, to be able to wear higher and higher heels. Again, this is "to be able to" and not that I would demand her always to wear the highest heels available.

Now, some of you might ask yourself: And what about those bizarre ballet boots/shoes? Yes, after a couple of years in disgust, I can appreciate them, too. Appreciate them as the ultimate goal of high heel training. I haven't ever had the chance to be with a partner who was interested in achieving that goal, though.

But it's not all just male phantaasy. Yes, I know at least one women who would love to [learn/train to] wear them, and who actually finds them very beatiful. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available where she lives... but she's planning to visit me in Germany at some time, and I'm quite sure she's in for some ballet boot shopping.

Jeroen van der Klis - the corset master

I've seen many corset designs from many maunfacturers and vendors. One that has been quite exceptional during all these years is Jeroen Vanderklis.

Don't let yourself be misguided by the low-quality web site. This guy is a master of corsetry, not of web design. I'm especially amazed by the variety of designs, from very classical designs all the road down to heavy-duty bondage corsets. Also, the number of corsets is quite impressive, given that this is a one-man shop. The number also somewhat provides a clue to how many people actually are into serious (look at the waists!) corsetry.

Actually, the poor quality of the website has prompted me to contact Jeroen and to offer my services as a volunteer for creating a new homepage with working galleries, etc. He seems to be interested, so with some luck his fans will be able to appreciate his works of art in an even better way.

Corset Rental

It might be just my very personal experience, but I've met a large number of women who like to wear corsets [at least from time to time], mostly as a fashion statement, but who have the severe lack of funds for this probably most expensive garment.

I am actually facing more or less the opposite problem (having some money for investing it in most beatiful things). Also, over the years, I've piled up a small collection of some 18 corsets in my shelf. No, I don't wear women's corsets, crosdressing is not what I have in mind. I mostly bought them to be worn by [former] [play] partners, or for some specific photo sets.

So what actually happens from time to time is that I get inquiries from one of those women who happen to know this exquisite habit of mine and ask me if I would borrow them one. Obviously, this is an act of friendship, and not something that I would ask money for. I'm happy to know that the respective corset is worn by a fashionable lady.

So sometimes I wonder whether there would be a business in this. Not that I'm interested in making money out of it, but just as a general idea. Renting a corset matching to a particular outfit is probably an option for the occasisional corset wearing person.

The magic of the corset

Today, I would say that the corset is the single most interesting piece of female garment to me. Unlike my lycra fetish, I can't actually track back when I first saw one, or when I first felt my attraction (and reaction) to them.

What is noticable with my fascination for corsets, is the flexibility / variety of different connotations that a corset can have to me, depending on the circumstances and situation.

First of all, when e.g. worn as part of a historical costume, ball gown or similar, a corset can be extremely female, classic/classy, and most of all be an indication of style and elegance. In such a context, there is nothing sexual and/or perverted in my appreciation and admiration of the bearer of the corset.

Secondly, a corset can be incredibly sexy, both as outerwear and as underwear. Both as part of any kind of goth / fetish fashion outfit, or as part of something more mainstream compatible.

Third, a corset can be interesting just because of the constricting effect it has on its bearer. There's almost nothing more fascinating than watching the quick and limited breathing of the chest of a tightly laced lady. Seeing her happily and willingly suffer for her vanity. Feeling that she voluntarily gives up the flexibility of her body, the ability to do anything physically exercising, not being able to eat any full meal, etc. - just for wearing the corset, improving the shape of her body / looks, and for the effect it has on the eye of the beholder.

Fourth, a corset can be used as an instrument for discipline and training in a D/s kind of setup. The dominant partner can for example demand wearing of the corset from the submissive part to explicitly provoke any of the abovementioned effects (1-3). Also, the restrictive (and depending on the tightness increasingly uncomfortable) character of the corset can be used as punishment for any infamous actions by the to-be-trained submissive. Another possibility is engaging in corset [tight-lacing] training as a means to keep the submissive constricted, or even to permanently alter the body shape. For those still interested in more, there are special posture corsets that e.g. pull the shoulders back and enforce a certain desired posture onto the bearer.

And where do I personmally fit into the picture? Well, I can really appreciate corsets in any form, from the occasional elegant outfit down to tight-lacing as part of a D/s setup.

All this fascination, lust and pleasure from a single piece of garment. Isn't that fascinating in itself?

Lycra Fetish

It all started with Lycra. Yes, that shiny elastic material that is being used for lots of sports fashion, bathing suits and the like.

Many years ago, I must have been twelve years of age, I started to notice that somehow my eyes were magically attracted to girls in skintight shiny sportswear. It was the brink of the nineties, when leggings were actually considered quite fashionable for some time.

Don't get me wrong: Not that I didn't find girls attractive by themselves; but the shiny skintight material added something 'magical' to their bodies, turning them into something even more fascinating.

I couldn't explain it (and I wasn't actually looking for any kind of explanation at that time), and I still can't really explain it with any of my fetishes today. It just exists, and I have learned to accept it the way it is.

I do not want to imply that schoolgirls/minors are sexually attractive to me in any way, to the contrary!! Please put the abovementioned statement into perspective. I was at the same age at that time, so it was only natural that I find them interesting.

The fascination was big enough to start collecting advertisements and snippets from sportswear mailorder catalogues. After some time later, I even bought some lycra leggings myself, wanting to feel the smooth fabric snapping skin tight to my own body. Obviously my parents found them at some point, but that's another (very unpleasant) story.

While in the upcoming years I have discovered and experienced many other interesting materials such as latex and pvc, my lycra fetish exists to this very day. Luckily I'm not the only one, and there are a number of manufacturers offering a variety of lycra catsuits and the like.` To me, at night, there's nothing making me feel better than having a lycra encased female partner next to me, whom i can cuddle and snuggle (and occasionally do more, thanks to the catsuits with crotch zipper *g*).