Phantasy: The Trip, Part one

Being someone who happens to do quite a bit of air travel, I can't really help but to sometimes dream of a very special kind of trip. So far, I haven't managed to turn this particular phantasy into reality - but at least some parts of the story are real and have happened in a slightly different situation.

I hope one day, rather sooner than later, I'll be lucky enough to be gifted with a partner open-minded enough to actually go for making this dream real. Applications welcome ;)

Ok, this is going to be sort of a slow start. If you think it's too boring, drop me a note.

Joe is once again in his final travel preparations. Being an internationally renowned expert in his field, he happens to travel a lot. Today, he'll be heading on a business trip to Canada. But this time everything is different. For the first time he'll be accompanied by Sarah, his new passion, submissive partner, female toy, however you might call it..

Joe and Sarah are very much into BDSM, or more specifically, into dominance and submission. They met a couple of months ago using a specialised dating website for the BDSM community. After exchanging many lengthy emails on their sexual preferences, phantasies and dreams, they decided to meet.

For Joe it was clear from the very first moment that Sarah is a very special woman. One that thoroughly understands his passions, with a natural devotion, not 'just' one of those masochistic pain sluts. Last but not least, her sex drive is as strong as his. "She might enjoy her kinky side even more than me", Joe keeps thinking from time to time, still in disbelief that after all his desparations he might just have found his ideal partner.

So here they are, doing their travel preparations. Normal people would just pack a couple of clothes for such a short one-week trip.

Sarah is by now quite used to the dress code that her master has established for her. A collection of rules that assure she will always "please his eyes" whenever he's around. Especially when being at home, he likes her to dress extremely sexy. When going out, he usually permits her to dress a bit less provocative, but still very female.

This time, Joe hat something very specific in mind. This was a special day, and a special day calls for a special outfit. He opened the closet and made his choice: A black long-sleeved stretch leotard, black thigh-high halter stockings, a black, wide, somewhat frilly mini skirt, combined with one of her favourite overbust corsets, the one made of black/burgundy brocade.

When Sarah noticed his selection, she was a bit worried. She doesn't have any problems dressing like he expects her to.. but for travelling on an airplane? With hundreds of people watching her, etc. For one instant she asked herself if it really was that much of a good idea to agree to accompany him on this trip. After all, she's never been able to join him on one of his trips before, mostly because her university schedule didn't permit it. But this time her semester holidays coincided with Joe's travel schedule, so she didn't hesitate to accept his invitation. She doesn't have all that much chance to travel anyway, so she thought it is a good chance for a bit of holidays.

Apparently Joe had other, less relaxing plans for her. She looked again at the outfit he had selected and laid out onto the bed for her, she glanced at him one of "do-you-really-think-this-is-necessary" expressions. To no avail. He looked back to her quite insistingly. She started to dress. After Joe "helped" her lacing the corset (much tighter than she would have, but still bearable), she disappeared into the bathroom for getting her makeup done.

Meanwhile, Joe finished to pack the suitcase. He had to make sure that all the required utilities and toys for his plan were there. Among them a small whip, a riding crop, some 25m of soft cotton rope, a nice ball-gag. He almost forgot to pack the Lycra catsuits that Sarah always has to wear as night wear. Finally, he choose a pair of burgundy coloured suede leather boots for Sarah to complete her outfit.

At the time she emerged from the bathroom with her hair and makeup done, he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. "You are the most beautiful and sexy girl I ever met.", he said while his arms were embracing her, resting on the backside of her corset, pushing her breasts to his chest and making her feel his erection. "I see you've made your choice of footwear?"

"Yes, and don't think I'm finished with you yet.", he said while his hands moved a bit further down, lifting her skirt, firmly grabbing her cheeks. "What else is it", she asked hesitantly, but he only replied "patience!".

At 8:40am the cab was waiting in front of their apartment building. Joe grabbed the suitcase and asked her to lock the door. They both sat in the back of the car. Joe on the left, Sarah on the right. Joe indicated her to move closer to him, making her now sit almost in the centre of back seat. He put his right hand hand onto her knee, caressing her nylon-clad leg. Slowly he proceeded upwards on her thigh, his fingers touching the lace on top of the stocking, beneath the skirt. He turned his head towards hers, looking at her beautiful face and into her eyes. Coming a bit closer, still looking at her, he said "Spread your legs for me, my little slut.". Her eyes widened, but she obliged to his request and spread her legs, causing the skirt to move up a bit and exposing some more of her things. Given her centric position in the car, the driver must now be more than aware of Joe's hand resting between her spread legs.

"Why am I doing this", she asked herself. "Why am I exposing myself to this cab driver. At the same time she was well aware that besides all her rational doubt, her feelings were quite different. She enjoyed that moment. Being forced to show herself off to that driver, making him aware that she was Joe's little slut, and that she would do almost anything for him, at least way more than most other women would ever do.

Joe kept caressing her inner thighs, and as he kept reaching higher and higher, he finally reached her cunt, still covered by the bottom of the leotard. He shifted it to the side, and touched her most sensitive spot. Knowing Sarah, Joe wasn't really surprised that she was already quite wet from their little semi-public play. Given the intensity of his finger work next to her sweet spot, she already had quite a hard time to suppress her moaning... eyes already half-closed.

Suddenly he pulled back his hand. She opened her eyes, expressing a look of desperation. Her rational mind thought well, maybe better this way... but her body wanted more. Joe fiddled with his hand in the pocket of his jacket, grabbing something, moving the closed hand with its concealed item back between her legs, under that tiny section that was still covered by her skirt.

"Now you know what was still missing" he silently told her, while pushing the first of the two connected love-balls toward her wet pussy. As each of the two balls went in, Sarah couldn't help anymore and failed to fully suppress her moans. Joe put back the crotch piece of the leotard, pulled back his hand and draped the skirt properly over her still partially spread legs. He smiled at her and said "Good girls have to be kept aroused, and you want to be my good girl, don't you?". She nodded silently.

Their Taxi ride came to an end. Joe paid the driver, who didn't make any notion or comment on the events he will most likely have witnessed in his cab. At the airport they stopped at a snack bar. Suddenly Sarah asked Joe "Joe, I know you don't like these kinds of questions, but how long am I going to wear 'these', and what about the security check?". Joe replied "Don't worry, no metal parts inside". She was at least partially relieved. He apparently knows how to take care of the details...

One hour later, they had already passed the security check. Sarah had to take off her corset because of the metal boning. But that wasn't really a big deal, since she's not naked beneath. Joe enjoyed lacing her tightly for the second time today, this time even inside the departure gate, with plenty of spectators :)

[... to be continued ...]