Corset Rental

It might be just my very personal experience, but I've met a large number of women who like to wear corsets [at least from time to time], mostly as a fashion statement, but who have the severe lack of funds for this probably most expensive garment.

I am actually facing more or less the opposite problem (having some money for investing it in most beatiful things). Also, over the years, I've piled up a small collection of some 18 corsets in my shelf. No, I don't wear women's corsets, crosdressing is not what I have in mind. I mostly bought them to be worn by [former] [play] partners, or for some specific photo sets.

So what actually happens from time to time is that I get inquiries from one of those women who happen to know this exquisite habit of mine and ask me if I would borrow them one. Obviously, this is an act of friendship, and not something that I would ask money for. I'm happy to know that the respective corset is worn by a fashionable lady.

So sometimes I wonder whether there would be a business in this. Not that I'm interested in making money out of it, but just as a general idea. Renting a corset matching to a particular outfit is probably an option for the occasisional corset wearing person.