Jeroen van der Klis - the corset master

I've seen many corset designs from many maunfacturers and vendors. One that has been quite exceptional during all these years is Jeroen Vanderklis.

Don't let yourself be misguided by the low-quality web site. This guy is a master of corsetry, not of web design. I'm especially amazed by the variety of designs, from very classical designs all the road down to heavy-duty bondage corsets. Also, the number of corsets is quite impressive, given that this is a one-man shop. The number also somewhat provides a clue to how many people actually are into serious (look at the waists!) corsetry.

Actually, the poor quality of the website has prompted me to contact Jeroen and to offer my services as a volunteer for creating a new homepage with working galleries, etc. He seems to be interested, so with some luck his fans will be able to appreciate his works of art in an even better way.