TO.mTO corsets in Berlin

It just occurred to me that I never actually blogged about my favorite corset maker here: TO.mTO in Berlin, Germany.

As a corset addict for quite some time, I've been doing "test purchases" at all kinds of corset makers over more than the last decade. Some of them very really crappy quality (like Erotex), some of them more decent (like Revanche de La Femme). Some others offer great designs but are only made for occasional wear.

The highest level of overall quality and craftsmanship I have so far found at TO.mTO. They make corsets from made-in-Germany durable fabrics, have a really high production quality and produce corsets that can be worn day-by-day for years without the slightest amount of danger. They're also constantly improving and trying new solutions. They have a lace flap / modesty flap that actually _works_, even if you lace yourself and don't have somebody at hand to pull/fiddle it into the correct place.

For the tight-lacing or restriction inclined folks, they also offer extras like a solid aluminum underbusk that makes the corset so robust that you'll never bend the front busk ever again :)

And obviously, all the corsets are made-to-measure. No matter what kind of unusual form your rib cage has, or if you have a strange shape due to a previously broken rib: They will accommodate all that with no effort.

I have no relationship to TO.mTO and they are not sponsoring this post. I'm merely a corset enthusiast who has been most happy with their products, and has seen many happy women (and men), who would never want to go back to their pre-TO.mTO days after wearing their first TO.mTO corset.