Real superheroine / fantasy Lycra fashion at

Due to occasional browsing yesterday, I ended up at One of the few mail order stores for Lycra fetish gear in Germany. I didn't really run into this one before, but it has some quite exceptional items - not just the unicolor or uni-pattern full body suits, or the dancing or cheerleader outfits that are commonplace at other shops.

They actually seem to like the superheroine type of outfits. Not that this is my ultimate personal fetish, but it is very refreshing to see something different and new, made out of my favorite fetish material. The prices are also not as steep as at other shops, and made to measure is 15 EUR extra instead of a 30% surcharge like at other shops.

I am not in the mood to order something right now, but I'm definitely very inclined to order one piece and check out their quality. Be assured that I'll report back to this blog as soon as that happens.