Latex fetishism

I thin I mentioned already that everything started with my Lycra fetish. According to my memories, Latex was the chronologically next "extraordinarily interesting" and arousing material.

One thing I might want to add initially: As with all of my fetishes, I never find the mere object (latex, high heel, corset, ...) interesting in itself. It only becomes interesting/arousing when worn by a woman, or in some cases when i wear it myself.

This is actually drawing some kind of line. There are people like me, who enjoy fetish fashion as an extension to the natural beauty of a human body. And then there is a different group, where the mere inanimate fetish object is the source of arousal. While I respect everyone's sexuality, the latter group seems a bit strange to me, personally.

Anyway, let's get back to Latex. I don't really remember my first encounter with a photograph of a latex-clad beauty. It must have been one of those many digital pictures that I had access to in the various BBS networks in the early nineties.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the shiny slick look of Latex with it's skin-tight fit very arousing. Not too hard to understand, considering that I already enjoyed skin-tight Lycra before :)

So I got myself a number of catalogues for further enjoyment. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I dared to tell anyone about this, and not until two years later until I actually had my first real-life encounter with a female partner who would wear some latex for me.

So what exactly do I like? First of all, (long!) gloves, thigh-high stockings, garters, leotards, long tight dresses and last but not least catsuits. I both enjoy "traditional" black, plain latex wear, as well as latex fashion, where the focus is more on the actual fashion aspect then on the fetish aspect.

I always thought the look[s] of a latex-clad female body is arousing, until I learned how it actually _feels_ to touch the slick, tight-fitting seamless shiny material the first time. Now I think the feel is at least as important than the looks.

Apart from the look and feel, there also is once again, like with corsets and high heels, the element of restriction. Latex is tight-fitting, elastic but strong. It puts constant pressure on the body. If you pull it some way, it will pull back :). If you still don't understand what I mean: Think of a tight-fitting long latex skirt, and how it constricts. Think of latex stockings, and the way they will carve into the hollow of your knees while bending them for some more amount of time. Think of the level of numbness that latex gloves cause to the fingers, and the stickiness of the material. Once again a perfect combination of "the beauty of suffering" :) As you might have discovered, one of my favourite subjects.

Unfortunately many women find latex "too extreme". From my experience it's definitely easier to find women interested in high heels, corsets. No wonder, given that the general attribution of these is "female" even in most parts of the mainstream society. Latex has much more association with "perversity" in it's negative perception. How sad.