High Heels - and my ambivalence to them

I still remember the days, especially during my childhood and maybe even up to the age of 19/20, when I still considered high heels as most disgusting items of footwear.

The careful reader of this blog will have noticed the overlap in time frames. Yes, I already had my lycra and latex fetish, and I was used to various fetish stories and photographs. Still I didn't like high heels.

But over time, my taste has evolved. I still consider a number of high heeled shoes repulsive, but on the other hand there is a whole set of designs that I *love*.

For those interested where I draw the line: Foremost, I like anything that has a platform. Independent whether it's pumps, boots, or whatever. Platform is always good. Second, I almost never like shoes where the toes are still visible. Third, knee-high boots are preferred over shoee with lower bootleg, or even over thigh-high boots. When it comes to the actual shape of the heel, I prefer heels with a larger diameter, not the stiletto type. Why is all that? I can't tell you, but it really is like that :) All the details matter somehow.

So what is the magic of the high heel? And what does it mean to a dominant/sadistic male? Aren't high heels usually associated with the dominant female? The heels that are to be licked by the submissive slave? The footwear that makes the woman taller than the man, expressing physical superiority? To a number of people this is obviously true.

To me, high heels fit into the picture of a submissive woman. How? To a certain part because of their restrictive nature, much like a corset. The high-heeled woman is restricted in the speed of walking, in the height of stairs she can walk, in the duration she can stay on her feet in general, etc. So once again it's self-restriction (or restriction by her master) for the mere purpose of looking sexier / more attractive. I like this kind masochistic vanity :)

To another part, I like high heels because they are often (at least for me) associated with the slut/whore, the sexually available woman. As I like my submissive partner to be sexually available, and as I like her to show this availability [at least to me], I thus like her in high heels.

Also, once again very similar to what I like about corsets, is the trainig aspect. The submissive partner can be trained to get used to high heels, to endure them for longer and longer periods of time, to be able to wear higher and higher heels. Again, this is "to be able to" and not that I would demand her always to wear the highest heels available.

Now, some of you might ask yourself: And what about those bizarre ballet boots/shoes? Yes, after a couple of years in disgust, I can appreciate them, too. Appreciate them as the ultimate goal of high heel training. I haven't ever had the chance to be with a partner who was interested in achieving that goal, though.

But it's not all just male phantaasy. Yes, I know at least one women who would love to [learn/train to] wear them, and who actually finds them very beatiful. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available where she lives... but she's planning to visit me in Germany at some time, and I'm quite sure she's in for some ballet boot shopping.