Lycra Fetish

It all started with Lycra. Yes, that shiny elastic material that is being used for lots of sports fashion, bathing suits and the like.

Many years ago, I must have been twelve years of age, I started to notice that somehow my eyes were magically attracted to girls in skintight shiny sportswear. It was the brink of the nineties, when leggings were actually considered quite fashionable for some time.

Don't get me wrong: Not that I didn't find girls attractive by themselves; but the shiny skintight material added something 'magical' to their bodies, turning them into something even more fascinating.

I couldn't explain it (and I wasn't actually looking for any kind of explanation at that time), and I still can't really explain it with any of my fetishes today. It just exists, and I have learned to accept it the way it is.

I do not want to imply that schoolgirls/minors are sexually attractive to me in any way, to the contrary!! Please put the abovementioned statement into perspective. I was at the same age at that time, so it was only natural that I find them interesting.

The fascination was big enough to start collecting advertisements and snippets from sportswear mailorder catalogues. After some time later, I even bought some lycra leggings myself, wanting to feel the smooth fabric snapping skin tight to my own body. Obviously my parents found them at some point, but that's another (very unpleasant) story.

While in the upcoming years I have discovered and experienced many other interesting materials such as latex and pvc, my lycra fetish exists to this very day. Luckily I'm not the only one, and there are a number of manufacturers offering a variety of lycra catsuits and the like.` To me, at night, there's nothing making me feel better than having a lycra encased female partner next to me, whom i can cuddle and snuggle (and occasionally do more, thanks to the catsuits with crotch zipper *g*).