On privacy of the author and the openness of this blog

As you will notice, I never mention my real name anywhere in this blog, neither do I give you any non-virtual contact data. Whois also won't help you, I've used godaddy.com's domainsbyproxy.com service to conceal my personal data from anyone but those who have a legal right to know. The actual hosting is done on the server of a close friend of mine, whom I can also entrust not to reveal my identity.

While I certainly do live my kinky side of life quite openly, I still don't want my real name associated with this blog. Especially if virtually all your business life happens on the net, sometimes it's not the best idea to confront your potential business partner with intimate details of your sexual life.

Another option that I was thinking about is restricting reading/access permissions to people whom I either personally know or who have previously sent an inquiry of some sort. While this is certainly appealing, it would limit the number of potential readers a bit too much for my taste.

Now let's start to actually get into content rather than meta-discussions on this blog.