Going out with two fetish girls

During the last week I had the great pleasure of going out with two fetish girls at my side.

The first trip was to a public pool/bath, where both girls were wearing skintight lycra bodysuits in bright blue and green, clearly different from the typical bikinis that other female visitors would be waring. We hugged/cuddled/kissed/fondled quite a bit while bathing/swimming in the various different pools.

It was an absolutely great feeling, for two distinct reasons:

  • First, being a lycra fetishist, I obviously enjoyed watching the two girls, and especially being able to touch them as much as I please ;)
  • Second, the feeling that everyone could see that I was not only with one girl, but with two girls, and that we were obviously having a lot of fun beyond the traditional one-male/one-female model of relationships. This is just the kind of decadence that I like. I bet a number of the people who were watching dreamt of doing something like this themselves, but just didn't have a chance to experience it yet.
The experience was great, we did not get any comments at all, and the looks from other people where not negative in any way, maybe curious or amused. One of the girls was asked what kind of suit she was wearing while she was alone for a couple of minutes. But even that was just a curious and question of an interested person.

After the day in the bath/pool + sauna, we went for a quite exquisite dinner. The girls were wearing extreme high heels, fashion pantyhose or lycra bodysuit, mini skirt and corset. We had a table in a separate room, so nobody but the waitress really noticed the unusual nature of their outfits.

At the end of the day, I was a very happy man, and the three of us all had our fair share of fun. Hopefully we can repeat this in one way or the other. The most difficult part obviously is finding a combination of people where there are no hard feelings, nobody gets envious or jealous but rather enjoys the closeness of two other people rather than just one.