Going out with two fetish girls

Following-up to the successful day bathing/swimming/dining with the two fetish girls, I decided to take them out to the current revue at the famous Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast.

I sent detailed instructions about my outfit preferences, and they both wore shiny black Lycra on their legs, a tight-fitting corset, matching skirt as well as high-necked Lycra or velvet leotard underneath the corset. Both were wearing the same Pleaser ELECTRA-2036 platform boots.

Before and after the show, as well as during the breaks they were obviously the two most attractively dressed women in the entire audience. And I was the lucky bastard who could hold one of them in each of his arms, grabbing their tightly corseted waists :)

During the show I was obviously also sitting in between both of them. It was most pleasing to touch and caress their Lycra-clad thighs, shoulders and arms while watching the most excellent performance of the artists on the stage - many of them wearing equally tight-fitting costumes :)

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had that much fun than those last two days. Makes me feel like the most lucky man on the planet :)