Out of luck again

This blog hasn't been updated in ages. In fact, ever since I became seriously involved in my last relationship, I didn't really have the desire to update the blog. I don't really understand why that is (maybe this is subject of a future blog post). But what I definitely do know: Now that this relationship has unfortunately come to an end, the desire to blog about my kinky side has immediately returned.

So here I am again. And my luck seems to have left me. No more sexy/slutty girl around to cheer me up. Lots of plans suddenly vaporized. Lots of high-end Jacquard fabric for corsets that were never made. Lots of high heels, made-to-measure Lycra suits, fashion pantyhose and other items that I will never be able to see and feel on the woman I loved and still love in many ways.

No, I don't want to drown in self-pity. But it is definitely very sad, and besides the loss of a great partner in a relationship, there is the loss of the fetish object that she was in addition to being a beloved person. Two losses in one, so to speak. Time for self-reflection and hopefully soon for recovery.