Constrictive fashion: It's not only about suffering for beauty

In a number of my previous posts on my various fetishes for items like corsets, high heels and other constrictive clothing, I have primarily focused on the suffering for beauty aspect. While this is certainly the predominant reason, there is yet another one: Wearing a corset or high heels makes the woman wearing them helpless.

Since her movements are restricted in some ways, she is more likely to require support or assistance from the man on her side: She has to depend on his support for safely walking in stiletto heels on a street paved with cobble stone or other less ideal surfaces. A tight corset will prevent her from bending down far enough to reach her own feet to tie (or even more importantly:untie) her shoelaces, or to pick up something from the floor. Once again, she will have to rely on somebody else's help.

Wearing some kind of gloves (satin, Lycra, latex, ...) also adds a bit to the helplessness. A lot of things are much more difficult when wearing gloves, starting from the most simple of tasks such as turning pages of a book to typing on a computer keyboard. Sure, it can be done, it requires extra effort and that's where we're back to the suffering for beauty concept comes into place. But in addition to that, there is the feeling of being helpless and having to rely on somebody else (her master), becoming more dependent.