A random pervert's blog

Welcome to this new contribution to the world of weblogs, diaries and online journals.

I'm male, in my late twenties and my job is an IT professional. Ever since I was about twelve years old, I knew that my sexuality is somewhat different. Some people might call it creative, other people might call it perverted and use that word in a negative sense. To me, being called a pervert is actually a compliment, and I don't associate anything negative with that term.

My perversions currently include, but ar not limited to: Latex, corset, lycra and high heel fetish, bondage, Dominance/submission (I'm playing on the dominant side), and last but not least a healthy shot of sadism.

I've been pondering to start a journal on the pervy side of my personality [and life] for quite some time - in fact for many years. Due to various reasons (which will probably described at some later point) it never happened until now.

The content of this blog will by it's very nature be sexually explicit, at least from time to time ;). However, I intend to write at a level that doesn't insult the humble readers' intellect. In other words: Perversity with style.

And now, let the journey begin...