General Notes (please read!)

This blog contains phantasies and thoughts of as well as accounts of sexual deviation. Some readers might be upset about one or the other bit of perversion found here.

I am a firm believer in SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual). To me, any activity that two [or more] mature and physically sound adults consensually agree to engage in, is perfectly acceptable, provided that nobody else is harmed in any way. Who would we be, if we were to judge what they ought to do or not do?

Since I am (during BDSM play) a dominant and partially sadistic heterosexual male, most of the time I will be talking about a submissive/masochistic female partner. This does by no means imply that I support the [involuntary] supression of women in any way. In real life, I am a honest and caretaking person, who is very left-liberal and has no problem whatsoever with womens emancipation or the like.

If you still fell uncomfortable, try switching the gender of the roles while reading, or just don't read. Nobody forces you to read what you disaprove or don't like.