Huge archive of erotic stories:

Back in 'the old days', e.g. before having Internet/Usenet access, but being merely active in the BBS world, I found lots of very interesting erotic stories. There were lots of groups sharing those stories, completely non-commercial, just for the fun of it.

Some of those stories turned into long serials, some of them ended up at the size of a book, 300+ pages if printed (which I actually did).

However, with the end of the BBS scene (and the downfall of Usenet), I got out of touch with any such communities - and due to more and more 'mainstream' getting online, it was harder to find it anyway.

So I basically gave up looking for such 'stories' quite some time ago, until I recently discovered ASSTR, probably the biggest archive of 'amateur' / non-commercial erotic writing on the net.

I've read a couple of them, and I discovered that I enjoy reading 'mind control' phantasies, obviously combined with male dominance and fetish elements. It really is a major turn on to imagine being able to take the phantasy of controlling a female subject further, way beyond what is possible in the real world.