Desperate and busy

My never-ending busy travel schedule currently hardly gives me enough time to spend for even one consecutive week at any given place, not even at home. This is extremely annoying, and it needs to stop. Some business related travel scheduled for end-of-november therefore definitely is the last travel I'm going to schedule. I'll try to stay at least half a year in my home town afterwards.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it severely interferes with my personal / private / sex life. Actually, it doesn't interfere, but rather kills that part of life completely. What would be the point even to try to meet a 'suitable woman' if I would not be able to spend any time with her?

So all I can do is dream about what I could or would do, if I had the time and was able to find a suitable woman for sharing my dirty little phantasies and actually living

Anyway. There's one thing that I'm getting more and more certain every single day: I am not looking for any soul-mate or intellectually interesting partner anymore. All I'm interested in right now is to be able to once again live out my dominant and sadistic side again. This does not at all mean that I wouldn't be interested in a serious relationship. Yes, I would love it to be serious, and durable. Being able to dominate and control my partner, and to love her in return for all her devotion and submission.

It's really making me feel sad and sick not to be able to have anyone to share this side of life with. I need to change that soon, otherwise I'll get mad. Until that point, this blog will unfortunately be very quiet, I fear. I'll continue as soon as 'my life' resumes.