A sexist trousers fly

I've recently discovered that one of my 'formal' trousers (bought some time ago during one of my trips to India) has the indications/recommendations for washing/cleaning/drying at a quite unusual and peculiar location.

That is: in the fly, hidden beneath the zipper. This makes you wonder for what reason made that particular manufacturer did it this way. Obviously, the fast conclusion of the evil mind is, that the instructions have been strategically placed there because it is invariably to be seen by the well-behaving lady who performs her duty of orally satisfying the guy who wears those trousers.

Furthermore, it supports the conclusion that the same woman would also be taking care of the laundry, thereby providing a two-in-one effect. How efficient. If there wasn't the serious doubt that there are many people who would be able to eroticize washing instructions.

So it remains unclear, whether it really is some kind of a sexist joke, or just a mere coincidence...