Happy, Lucky and busy

With respect to my last posting about one month ago, I can happily report that my (sexual, personal) life has changed quite significantly since then. Who would have thought that I'd be finding somebody to not only share my perversities with, but also a loving and caring partner at the same time?

Well, sometimes wonders do happen. And it's not even my doing. The girl was after me, not the other way around :) It sounds like a phantasy from the geek paradise, but I now have living proof that there actually are girls who dig pervert geeks! For the ease of the language in the remainder of this and future articles, we shall call her Jane Random Pervert.

So the last couple of weeks have not only been incredibly busy from a "professional life" point of view, but also busy exploring my new partner, her personality and [last, but not least] her sexuality. She's even more open-minded than I am, which I deeply respect. There's almost nothing that she wouldn't try at least once :)

One definitely new experience for me was to perform fisting. I've always been curious how hard it is, how it makes me feel, and how the person being fisted reacts. To my big surprise, Jane is very experienced with it, and had no problems whatsoever taking all of my fist into her vagina. For me, it was an interesting sensation of power and control. Being able to please and inflict pain at the 'twist of a finger' in the most intimate spot. And being pleased by noticing how much those intense feelings are being received by my willing victim. All in all, a lot of fun. But well, I guess you could call it cheating on my side, since there was no need for any kind of training/widening the subject to finally be rewarded for taking the whole hand.

You might consider it a lack of taste, but we've actually done "CAT6 cable bondage" (who needs bondage rope if there's network cabling in various lengths?). Unfortunately I was too fascinated to take some pictures. But this shall be repeated in short time.