Started to use tumblr to create feed of my favorite pics

I recently started to use tumblr for creating a blog/feed containing re-posts of my favorite pictures from other people's tumblr blogs/feeds.

This is primarily sort of a bookmark list for myself, but then I don't mind sharing publicly my favorite pic[k]s. Please note that all credits of course go to the original models, photographers, make-up artists. I'm just re-blogging / re-posting, and not contributing any works of art myself.

So in case you're interested, feel free to check it out at

More thoughts on remote control

I blogged about my remote control related ideas a couple of years ago, but wanted to refine / extend that a bit.

The main idea is still the concept of being able to reward and punish her invisibly. This can be very handy in public places, where other forms of sexual stimulation or punishment are not possible. There are situations in play parties or in presence of kinky friends where that is possible, but let's say in an office setting, face-slapping definitely has the potential to upset a lot of other people, who won't understand.

One further idea is to use this remote control device for communication, at least uni-directional from master to slave (both in technical as well as bdsm context). The idea would be to use Morse code or a similar alphabet, delivered by very mild electro stimulation. The pulses in that case should be clearly noticeable, but not cause any pain.

So you'd have to teach your slave/sub/toy to read (feel) Morse code and interpret it. That's not too hard, and anyone is able to learn it with some practise. The text could be sent from a computer or (more likely) a smartphone, e.g. by means of an SMS based interface, or even a TCP/IP baaed protocol. The remote-controlled device could be connected via Bluetooth to the phone of the slave/sub.

As a result you have a way to give instruction to your willing sub, without having to speak them out. It's like having a secret language that nobody can understand, but even better in a sense that nobody is even aware of such communication going on. Just imagine a situation where you are in some kind of formal meeting, and you want to give your sub the instruction to open her legs slightly, for your or somebody elses benefit. You cannot really say it aloud, and even whispering it into her ear may be too conspicuous. So you can send that instruction via Morse code. If she doesn't comply, you can use the punishment mode and increase her motivation to follow your orders. If she complies, you could also reward her with some vibration.

I really like that idea of secretly and invisibly taking control of her, without having to speak up. I hope some of the readers equally enjoy this concept. I hope to turn it into reality with a willing submissive girl that wants to be remote controlled that way.

Thoughts on degradation / humiliation and inverted terminology

A number of people get their kink from what is generally described as degradation / humiliation. As a practical example, a slave/sub can be forced to show her self off in a slutty way in public. Or even in private, some people consider it degradation or humiliation if the dom is calling the sub a slut/whore/fucktoy/...

I also like to see and treat my partner that way. But I somehow fail how that would be a degradation. To me, my partner that is making herself available to be my slut/whore/fucktoy is worth more than before. So from my point of view, this is not a degradation from the previous status, but actually a promotion. The latter is worth more to me than the former.

So once again this shows the true meaning of the word perverted. What some people or maybe even the general public considers to be worth less, I consider to be worth much more.

The same happens to good girl vs. bad girl. To me, my partner is a good girl, if she's nasty, kinky, perverted. On the other hand, if she were to ignore her kinky side and prefer to be vanilla, she I would consider it a bad girl.

Starting to twitter

Today I've started to twitter using the 'randompervert' twitter account.

This will provide me an opportunity to provide more frequent and short/concise updates, mostly from my phone while I'm travelling. It helps to capture thoughts as they occur, in real-time. It's much easier to write a 140 character message containing one thought than to sit down and write a blog post.

Constrictive fashion: It's not only about suffering for beauty

In a number of my previous posts on my various fetishes for items like corsets, high heels and other constrictive clothing, I have primarily focused on the suffering for beauty aspect. While this is certainly the predominant reason, there is yet another one: Wearing a corset or high heels makes the woman wearing them helpless.

Since her movements are restricted in some ways, she is more likely to require support or assistance from the man on her side: She has to depend on his support for safely walking in stiletto heels on a street paved with cobble stone or other less ideal surfaces. A tight corset will prevent her from bending down far enough to reach her own feet to tie (or even more importantly:untie) her shoelaces, or to pick up something from the floor. Once again, she will have to rely on somebody else's help.

Wearing some kind of gloves (satin, Lycra, latex, ...) also adds a bit to the helplessness. A lot of things are much more difficult when wearing gloves, starting from the most simple of tasks such as turning pages of a book to typing on a computer keyboard. Sure, it can be done, it requires extra effort and that's where we're back to the suffering for beauty concept comes into place. But in addition to that, there is the feeling of being helpless and having to rely on somebody else (her master), becoming more dependent.

Out of luck again

This blog hasn't been updated in ages. In fact, ever since I became seriously involved in my last relationship, I didn't really have the desire to update the blog. I don't really understand why that is (maybe this is subject of a future blog post). But what I definitely do know: Now that this relationship has unfortunately come to an end, the desire to blog about my kinky side has immediately returned.

So here I am again. And my luck seems to have left me. No more sexy/slutty girl around to cheer me up. Lots of plans suddenly vaporized. Lots of high-end Jacquard fabric for corsets that were never made. Lots of high heels, made-to-measure Lycra suits, fashion pantyhose and other items that I will never be able to see and feel on the woman I loved and still love in many ways.

No, I don't want to drown in self-pity. But it is definitely very sad, and besides the loss of a great partner in a relationship, there is the loss of the fetish object that she was in addition to being a beloved person. Two losses in one, so to speak. Time for self-reflection and hopefully soon for recovery.

What a lucky bastard I am.

I'm sitting in my home office and getting some work done, while in the bedroom next door is a lovely woman dressed in garters, stockings, high heels with her legs spread, moaning in response to the stimulation of one of those butterfly style toys.

Once again the kind of decadence that I like. Having her around and do this kind of stuff, while being able to continue work as usual. As if it was the most normal thing to do. And in fact, to me, it is ideal if this kind of setting feels "normal". Like it should always be. A horny slut at home, shamelessly engaged in pleasing herself sexually any time she wants.

Got hold of some GLITZY-509 despite their end-of-production

As sad as it is, Pleaser has put an end to the GLITZY line of shoes some time ago. Recently I was interested in ordering some GLITZY-509 for my new partner, and it seems they're all out of stock and no longer produced.

The point about GLITZY is that they are relatively comfortable to wear (no pressure on the toes, ...) but still are quite high and wearable. Like an ideal compromise, to be worn fur more extended periods of time than other much more uncomfortable shoes.

Now, due to a friendly hint, it was pointed out to me that there is one German webshop that still had GLITZY-509 in her size in stock. I immediately ordered them yesterday and they arrived today. Thanks :)

Where to get decent Lycra wear in Germany

I've been asked a couple of times where I typically buy my Lycra fetish gear. There's three different sources:

1. Danceries
Danceries is a brand of ballet/dancing Lycra fashion, it can be found at numerous actual real-world as well as online shops. So you get the typical leotards, leggings or even single-piece suits. Everything has round-neck, and they don't really sell anything with a back zipper. No made-to-measure or other customizations like attached feet, gloves or zipper through crotch. But definitely "professional quality", i.e. seams so elastic that they never rip, fabric that can sustain a constant cycle of wearing, machine washing and drying for years.

2. AM-Sports
AM-Sports is another supplier for literally hundreds of different items of skintight sportswear. They have any style/pattern you can imagine, accommodate special requests such as attached feet or crotch zippers and have the biggest choice of uni-color Lycra material. Alternatively they also have a selection of shiny effect Lycra, microfiber, velvet, PVC and (god beware) cotton materials in various colors. They don't do made-to-measure, but they offer both regular as well as slim/tall sizes. What I find very special about them are the so-called "vaulting fashion" styles, i.e. single-piece suits to be worn for vaulting. Obviously they're great even without any horses involved :)

3. Fets-Fash/Skintightshop
Fets-Fash is a shop dedicated to the fetish community. Definitely no relation to sportswear here. Unfortunately this also means that their prices can be quite steep. Their specialty is customization with zippers, attached hood, feet, gloves, etc. They have some quite unique animal print and shiny effect Lycra materials. Made-to-measure service is excellent, but comes at a very big surcharge on the base price.

Pleaser Helloween 2009 collection

When receiving my latest pleaser order, they included the new catalogue for the upcoming helloween 2009 product line. You can also check it out online at this link. They really have some amazing new products.

I personally am pretty excited about ARENA-2018, ARENA-2012, PATTY-02G, EXOTICA-1050, GANGSTER-15, EXOTICA-2030, EXOTICA-60.

All those new models are an acceptable apology for discontinuing really great older models such as the GLITZY-line (GLITZY-509 was my favorite).

So now the only problem is that the new styles are not yet available. I can't wait until they're available to place my order :)

TO.mTO corsets in Berlin

It just occurred to me that I never actually blogged about my favorite corset maker here: TO.mTO in Berlin, Germany.

As a corset addict for quite some time, I've been doing "test purchases" at all kinds of corset makers over more than the last decade. Some of them very really crappy quality (like Erotex), some of them more decent (like Revanche de La Femme). Some others offer great designs but are only made for occasional wear.

The highest level of overall quality and craftsmanship I have so far found at TO.mTO. They make corsets from made-in-Germany durable fabrics, have a really high production quality and produce corsets that can be worn day-by-day for years without the slightest amount of danger. They're also constantly improving and trying new solutions. They have a lace flap / modesty flap that actually _works_, even if you lace yourself and don't have somebody at hand to pull/fiddle it into the correct place.

For the tight-lacing or restriction inclined folks, they also offer extras like a solid aluminum underbusk that makes the corset so robust that you'll never bend the front busk ever again :)

And obviously, all the corsets are made-to-measure. No matter what kind of unusual form your rib cage has, or if you have a strange shape due to a previously broken rib: They will accommodate all that with no effort.

I have no relationship to TO.mTO and they are not sponsoring this post. I'm merely a corset enthusiast who has been most happy with their products, and has seen many happy women (and men), who would never want to go back to their pre-TO.mTO days after wearing their first TO.mTO corset.

Real superheroine / fantasy Lycra fashion at

Due to occasional browsing yesterday, I ended up at One of the few mail order stores for Lycra fetish gear in Germany. I didn't really run into this one before, but it has some quite exceptional items - not just the unicolor or uni-pattern full body suits, or the dancing or cheerleader outfits that are commonplace at other shops.

They actually seem to like the superheroine type of outfits. Not that this is my ultimate personal fetish, but it is very refreshing to see something different and new, made out of my favorite fetish material. The prices are also not as steep as at other shops, and made to measure is 15 EUR extra instead of a 30% surcharge like at other shops.

I am not in the mood to order something right now, but I'm definitely very inclined to order one piece and check out their quality. Be assured that I'll report back to this blog as soon as that happens.

More spare time resulting in more thoughts about sex

I'm currently in the extremely unusual situation of having way more spare time at hand than I've probably had for quite some years. Plus, I'm intentionally offline and all by myself. Apart from reading good books, this also generally gives me a lot of time to think about life, the universe and everything ;)

As it turns out, whenever I'm idle and not otherwise occupied with thoughts, I seem to converge on sex. Not neccessarily actually engaging in sexual activity all the time (though more often than otherwise!) - but thinking and phantasizing a lot.

Maybe triggered by certain recent events (covered in recent blog entries), my sexual mind seems to be revolving quite a bit around doing/having/experiencing whatever I perceive as sexual with multiple women. Of course - like probably 90% of at least caucasian male - I've always thought of it as something fascinating. But it was a very far away dream and not very developed. Now I've apparently had an interesting trigger and my brain has been drawing up all kinds of phantasies. It's definitely a welcome new 'extension'.

Stepping back from it a bit, it only seems very logical. If me, a dominant male, likes the feeling of (even if only temporarily or partially) excerting control or 'owning' a submissive female, why should there be anything strange about wanting that kind of feeling towards multiple subs?

Now obviously even that is very vague. You can just agree on a certain play situation and do that with the particular people in question. Once it's over, everyone minds their own business and you maybe reflect about everyones feelings at some point later. Or you can aim for an actual relationship with multiple people. Which is something that I've traditionally not been able to imagine. I've been in touch with a lot of people who practise polyamory, and at least for the time being I decided that it's not really my way of life. It's hard enough to maintain one serious relationship, let aside running multiple at the same time. But then, that probably really depends on the specific nature of such a relationship. It will certainly not work for the kind of ideal relationship that I've traditionally been looking for: Where you basically try to be as close together as possible, you live together, spend most of your time together, possibly even work together. Now if the relationsips in question are of a quite different type, then the answer might very well be different.

On a sidenote, honestly speaking: It has always puzzled me why to most people tend to think of sexuality as something they only have either as one-night-stands with people they rarely know (and don't want to know) or inside a well-established love-relationship. I would dream of a world where it would not be taboo to have sensual and sexual encounters with people whom are otherwise your friends. Would be great if it was normal to "just be friends", feel close to each other and also share that closeness on a physical level. To me, tenderness, sensuality and sex in all its flavours is something that I want to experience with a [female] person that is close to me. A person that I can trust, one that I feel confident in sharing something very personal with. So who would be better suited than [female] friends? But then, for most people it is a big deal, and I certainly also don't want to risk the friendship. But at least from my side, I don't see the risk. The worst thing that I can imagine is that I would rather not do it again and continue as before, consider it as "an experiment".

I have the feeling that this entire posting is now fairly chaotic. Let me try to summarize what I'm trying to say:

  • I've always been in favour of more sexualization of everything in life, including "regular friendships".
  • I've not been 100% in favour of monogamy, at least not if I am honest with myself.
  • I still think very awkward of one-night stands
  • I'm still deterred by the complexity of polyamory as I perceive it.
  • I'm dreaming/phantasizing about living my fetish and D/s encumbered sexuality with more than one partner (at the same time, not really in two separate relationships) and definitely open to try it, should the opportunity arise.

Going out with two fetish girls

Following-up to the successful day bathing/swimming/dining with the two fetish girls, I decided to take them out to the current revue at the famous Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast.

I sent detailed instructions about my outfit preferences, and they both wore shiny black Lycra on their legs, a tight-fitting corset, matching skirt as well as high-necked Lycra or velvet leotard underneath the corset. Both were wearing the same Pleaser ELECTRA-2036 platform boots.

Before and after the show, as well as during the breaks they were obviously the two most attractively dressed women in the entire audience. And I was the lucky bastard who could hold one of them in each of his arms, grabbing their tightly corseted waists :)

During the show I was obviously also sitting in between both of them. It was most pleasing to touch and caress their Lycra-clad thighs, shoulders and arms while watching the most excellent performance of the artists on the stage - many of them wearing equally tight-fitting costumes :)

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had that much fun than those last two days. Makes me feel like the most lucky man on the planet :)

Going out with two fetish girls

During the last week I had the great pleasure of going out with two fetish girls at my side.

The first trip was to a public pool/bath, where both girls were wearing skintight lycra bodysuits in bright blue and green, clearly different from the typical bikinis that other female visitors would be waring. We hugged/cuddled/kissed/fondled quite a bit while bathing/swimming in the various different pools.

It was an absolutely great feeling, for two distinct reasons:

  • First, being a lycra fetishist, I obviously enjoyed watching the two girls, and especially being able to touch them as much as I please ;)
  • Second, the feeling that everyone could see that I was not only with one girl, but with two girls, and that we were obviously having a lot of fun beyond the traditional one-male/one-female model of relationships. This is just the kind of decadence that I like. I bet a number of the people who were watching dreamt of doing something like this themselves, but just didn't have a chance to experience it yet.
The experience was great, we did not get any comments at all, and the looks from other people where not negative in any way, maybe curious or amused. One of the girls was asked what kind of suit she was wearing while she was alone for a couple of minutes. But even that was just a curious and question of an interested person.

After the day in the bath/pool + sauna, we went for a quite exquisite dinner. The girls were wearing extreme high heels, fashion pantyhose or lycra bodysuit, mini skirt and corset. We had a table in a separate room, so nobody but the waitress really noticed the unusual nature of their outfits.

At the end of the day, I was a very happy man, and the three of us all had our fair share of fun. Hopefully we can repeat this in one way or the other. The most difficult part obviously is finding a combination of people where there are no hard feelings, nobody gets envious or jealous but rather enjoys the closeness of two other people rather than just one.

TV series on escorts / prostitution

I've recently watched the first three episodes of the Australian TV series Satisfaction, but have to admit that I didn't really like it all too much. The Sex scenes are just like most boring soft porn, and the story-telling is too non-linear for my taste. Sometimes you don't know if you're in the present or past and what is going on. Always trying to find something optimistic about everything, I decided that it is probably good for training your listening comprehension of Australian [or maybe specifically Melbourne] English.

What is much more interesting and actually a lot of fun is Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Unfortunately each episode is really short, and every season is only 8 episodes. The main character (Belle/Hannah) appears very authentic. Very human, indeed. The kind of girl that I would adore for what she's doing ;)

Taiwanese fashion sales girls

It seems to be a custom in Taiwan that sales girls working in somewhat smaller fashion outlets and boutiques have to dress/style up - quite often actually wearing some of the items that this particular shop sells.

I think that somehow makes them to something like living mannequins. In addition to the actual clothes, often accompanied by very heavy makeup, high heels (maybe even platform heels). Very fascinating. In fact, they might be a bigger attraction than the actual shop.

And I honestly appreciate the amount of effort they put in their styling, especially if they are no natural beauties at all.

Pornography and my teenage years

On the weekend, I was attending the 3rd Porn Film Festival. One of the more impressive works presented there was the documentary "Jugend und Pornographie" (youth and pornography).

I think it is a valid subject. For my generation and later generations it is normal to grow up with pornography. I was online in BBS networks starting from the age of 10, and I was on the Internet when I was 15 (which, 15 years ago was really special, at least here in Germany). And of course, especially at that time, nobody really gave much thought about how to protect youngsters from the various X-rated material that was available online.

Since data transmission rates were still pretty low, most of the porn that I had at my hands was actual erotic stories. The kind of stuff that you can today still find on ASSTR. There were plenty of message boards in all networks (FIDO, Z-Netz, T-Netz, later Usenet) in both English and German, where people were hanging out and sharing the erotic stories that they've written themselves. Over the years, I collected more and more.

The only graphics you could find at those 2400bps times was 320x240, so not particularly detailed ;) But there already was a difference between scans of porn magazines, actual digital porn productions of commercial porn BBS's and the amateur porn community.

So starting at the age of 11 or 12, I was more or less regularly reading and watching pornographic material. It's obviously hard to judge what kind of influence this had on the development of my personality and sexuality. Obviously it has lead me to at least respect (or even appreciate) the many different forms of sexuality. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, preferences, etc. I never had the feeling that it was wrong to use porn to get turned on, to derive sexual pleasure from it. Why would I? I was brought up in no religious tradition, and my parents are not particularly conservative, either.

Still, of course, I had to keep it all secret. My parents did definitely not like the idea (as I experienced later when they came to know that I had access to 'physical' porn). They never had (and still have not) any idea at which age I started watching porn, and to what extent I was collecting piles of it. That was one of the advantages if you were a computer nerd and your parents almost computer illiterate. Whatever you had on your computer without any hard evidence on paper or other physical media was absolutely secret. It is a personal computer, after all.

In any case, I think a documentary like the one shown at the festival is a first and humble attempt to start to get a discussion going. Today, every kid is on the Internet. Everyone can click "yes I am 18" and get access to porn. Only the most computer-illiterate kids will be deterred by 'parental filtering' software. They only catch what they know, and they only know the web, which contrary to many peoples' belief is only one particular part of the Internet.

So the fact is that today, more than ever before, youngsters are watching porn. No matter how much it is against the law, and no matter how much their parents try to prevent it. So we have a legal system, combined with ethical norms that are extremely out-of-sync with how reality actually looks like.

This has been going on for something like 10 to 15 now, and still there is no major public debate about this fact. Most parents either don't know or don't care. Or if they care, they are unable to do something about it. Or they feel embarrassed and rather look away because they don't know how what to do. The Kids will do what they want, but obviously not all of them are able to cope with what they see.

I see some analogies to other debates. Like the debate about first-person shooters (action games), where despite some claims not everyone who plays them will turn into an aggressive personality. Just like not everyone who smokes a joint here and there will become a major drug addict later in his life.

However, I do acknowledge the fact that there are some fragile kids that might not do well and that have not yet developed a strategy how to deal with this. Who do not know or learn that relationships can be based on love and emotion, rather than purely on sex. But then, do we try to (and fail anyway) protect them from porn, at the expense of delaying or holding back the sexual development of everyone else?

In any case, the current system of trying to protect teenagers by futile attempts to keep porn away from them is not working. It's not working for at least a decade, and nobody is proposing any real solution or even attempting a public debate about it.

Maybe it's a reflection on how little many people care about sexuality in general. If they deny themselves from exploring their sexuality freely (by religion, society, ethics, ...) why should a younger generation not be denied, too. *sigh*

About blow jobs

One thing that I never really mentioned so far on this blog are my thoughts on blow jobs. That might relate to the fact that they're something so completely normal to me, that I sometimes forget that for some people it is quite a big deal ;)

In any case. As I happen to be a dominant and slightly sadistic male, I obviously like the concept of sexual activity in which the female partner can show her devotion and submission, and where the male (that would be me) derives more pleasure than she does.

I like the concept of declaring the frequent performance of blow jobs as her "duty". A good girl has to make her master happy. The most important part of her master (for her) is his cock. Thus, she has to do whatever it takes to make him happy, to provide his cock with the maximum possible pleasure.

And what would be better than the devoted and extensive licking and sucking of his cock? Up to the point of gagging (and beyond, see my blog post about deep throating and deep throat training). It's such a great practical demonstration about how important it is for her to please him.

And then, obviously, this raises the question of what to do with the cum. To me, it is obvious: Good girls (aka good sluts) have to swallow. Yes, I think safe sex is important. But I am considering a situation where two responsible non-promiscuous adult people interact with each other after having done thorough STD checking. I like to consider the swallowing as integral part of her "blow job duty" (see above).

This also has the practical advantage that there is no spill. It's very clean, can be performed everywhere, no need for any napkins, no spills on either her or my outfit. Very convenient :)

For that latter reason, I also like her to 'clean off' the cock after vaginal sex. Isn't that much more sexy than using some kind of cloth or napkin?

Perverted terminology - on the use of language

As D/s is something that happens a lot in the mind, rather than the body, language and more specifically the use of language plays an important role in it. Our thoughts are always connected to language, after all.

One of the reasons why I actually like to call myself a pervert is the actual perverted (in the meaning of twisted, distorted, skewed) terminology.

So if society has a certain norm on what constitutes a good girl, then I have a definition of it that is very twisted, and probably closer to the opposite of the mainstream definition. Typically, society would consider the following attributes in line with their definition of a good girl: decent, chaste, monogamous, heterosexual.

My definition of a good girl is in line with my perverted values and norms, like sexually open-minded in any possible way, bisexual, a desire to show herself off, strong sex drive, vain.

So just like in this case, many terms have a totally different definition to me than to other people. Somebody who becomes part of my world will inevitably also learn about this perverted terminology. Thus, a woman entering my world can still strive to be a good girl, just with a very different definition of what constitutes 'good'.

Recognition in D/s relationships

There is one aspect that by now I have realized as particularly important for a D/s relationship: The recognition feedback loop - at least that's how I like to call it.

What I mean by that is a (strong) need for the submissive part to gain recognition by the dominant part. The [knowing] dominant part ensures that such need is satisfied by

  • making sure the submissive knows what kind of behavior is valued by the dominant, and
  • actually granting that recognition if the submissive part actually behaves accordingly

I believe especially the latter part is important. The submissive part might feel insecure about what she (forgive my ignorance, I am always thinking in maledom/femsub terms) does, and whether it is really the right thing to do. So if she doesn't get encouragement by recognition, she might try something else or simply give up at some point.

The 'feedback loop' (technically speaking probably rather a feed-forward loop) probably gets into place if the desire for recognition becomes a need for recognition, and is strong enough for the submissive to go very far in order to obtain that very recognition.

So initially, maybe much simpler things (actions/behavior, whatever is desirable) result in the desired amount/level of recognition, but over time those things become much more normal for both sides, and thus sub needs to do more or other desirable things in order to gain the same amount of recognition than before.

There is a lot of difference in how much recognition a person needs. Some people base a lot of their self-esteem on the amount of recognition they get from other people (maybe even only close people). Obviously for this kind of person, the mechanics as outlined above should work even better.

Discovering FetLife

Yesterday, by reference of a friend, I first encountered the FetLife BDSM/Fetish online community.

I'm really happy to see something like that. A community full of real people. No commercial interest whatsoever. Done by the kinky community for the kinky community. Definitely very refreshing, compared to all the commercial crap like and it's various incarnations and imitators.

This community site feels like it could become something like a new online home for me. I'm extremely excited about making many new interesting contacts.

Let's just hope the people behind that site will not be tempted to do a commercial sell-out. Sure, asking users to contribute back for operations and development of the site is fine. But please stay true to the "by the community, for the community" spirit.

I'm mentioning this here in a new "community" category of my blog, where I will probably deviate a bit from the self-centric view of the other sections, and introduce you to interesting places that I find on the net. Chances are high that if you like this blog, you will also like some of the places that I'll link to...


As with many different things related to my sexuality and the fetish aspects of it, initially I was really against piercings of any kind. It took a couple of years of exposure to the concept of a piercing until I finally found a way how to sexualize it, and find it attractive.

The most consistent (with other parts of this blog and thus my sexuality) reason to like piercings is that it embraces the concept of "suffering for beauty".

Even more so, if a woman gets a piercing because of me, because I want her to have it, then this concept arouses me. She is willing to suffer, even hurt her body to be more like I want her to be. This in turn makes me feel great - because she actually is willing to do this for me, as sign of her devotion, submission and/or love. And in the process of doing so, she will actually start to like the piercing, because I appreciate it so much and love her for what she is doing for me.

The most interesting piercing to me is the tongue piercing. This has multiple aspects. Primarily, it just simply feels so good during tongue kissing or when she performs a blow job. And then secondarily, the pure sight of the piercing in the tongue is an association with her being slutty, modifying her body to please her partner[s] better. Last, but not least, it provides ample opportunity for her to play with it inside her mouth, receiving oral stimulus in return.

Nipple piercings definitely are very erotic, too. They are very decorative, and they also show that the breast is transformed from an organ meant to nurture babies into something else: A body part with primarily decorative and erotic function. So it sort-of symbolizes the very much appreciated transformation from the fertile woman meant to bear children to the female sex toy that I really want. In my world, the only purpose of sexuality is to provide pleasure. Procreation is a problem that needs to be circumvented.

Two years later: High heels revisited

About two years ago I first wrote about high heels in this blog. As always, my taste and fetishes have developed further since, mostly due to more exposure to different types of high heels (and their advantages and disadvantages).

So unlike that original posting, I have started to appreciate stiletto heels, particularly plateau stiletto - combining the best of both worlds: The sturdiness and slutty look of plateau shoes, plus the added difficulty and sophistication of a stiletto heel.

I've also started to like open toe designs, at least if the shape of the foot is suitable for this type of design, and if the foot is not naked but clad in real nylons, or stay-ups or pantyhose of some sort. Visibility of naked feet is to be avoided at any given time, since it represents something bare and unsophisticated....

What I still don't like at all are shoes with a too pointy tip (toe section). The rounder the shape, the more attractive the shoe gets. I wonder if that will change during the next two years ;)